PJ's Angelic Resources is owned and operated by Pamela McCann, certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Health Coach.

Pamela first became interested in Colon Hydrotherapy following a life threatening experience with cancer. In researching her options she was introduced to this therapy, which dates back to ancient times. She proceeded to do a series of Colonics over several months. It was the beginning of a whole new health approach, which she attributes to her quality of life today, 23 years later. 

Pamela is also an ordained divinity minister

PJ's Angelic Resources was created as an oasis for your body. We offer Colon Hydrotherapy and Nutritional Coaching.

We believe that "Life is a gift! Your body temple is amazing and deserves to be treasured and nurtured."

Customer Testimonial:

Words can not express how much Pam and Colon Hydrotherapy have changed my life! After suffering for years with digestive problems I finally gave Colon Hydrotherapy a shot. I could not have made a better choice then choosing PJ's Angelic Resources! Pam is so compassionate and caring. She really works hard, with you, to make you feel better.

Since going through my sessions I can honestly say I feel like a new person!!! I love Pam and my Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. I wish I would have taken the steps to do this along time ago! Thank you so much for everything!


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